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Jamie-Lee Best



All tattoos have a story to tell…


Based on the female members of my family, I wanted to portray the stories they have to tell behind theirs. Some old, some new, some faded and some structured. My aim was to let the series of images tell a story on their own, however I realise combining them with text was a better way to tell the story, rather than the audience making their own assumptions about what each tattoo represents

mothers dolphin tattoo edited.jpg
mothers butterfly tattoo edited.jpg
mothers wolf tattoo edited.jpg
mothers paw print edited.jpg
kires tattoos 1.jpg
kires tattoos.jpg


Theatre by the lake 2018 - Theatre by the lake, Keswick 

 Boarderlands 2019 - Vallum gallery, university of cumbria, Brampton road Carlisle 

About me:

Jamie-Lee Best is a photographer based in Workington on the lines of the west coast of Cumbria, i'm currently studying third year photography in the university of Cumbria, this website is a starting point for me to get my career started.

phone number: 07742551977
university: university of cumbria 
based in workington 
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